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Pete's Camping Service carries a full lineup of Trailer Hitches from Reese and DrawTite.

We have the qualified technicians to install them properly for you in our Service Department. Don't take any chances when outfitting your truck or RV with a new hitch. Come to the professionals for this one!


Pete's Camping Service can guide you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right hitch for your needs. We will be happy to answer all of your questions about towing, equipment and wiring as well.


This popular Friction Sway Control is easily installed & removed with two spring locking pins. Heavy construction for long-lasting reliability.

A Weight Distribution Includes:

A Weight-Distributing system includes:

A. Hook-Up Bracket Kits
B. Spring Bars
C. Sway Control (Optional)
D. Head
E. Shank
F. Safety Chains
G. Pin and Clips
H. Receiver Hitch

Reese Website

DrawTite Website

About Weight Distribution

A Weight-Distributing System applies leverage for heavier loads, 350 lbs. tongue weight or higher, to distribute trailer tongue weight to all tow vehicle and trailer wheels. It offers a more level ride, greater steering and brake control and enhances towing safety. The addition of a friction sway control also dampens sway caused by traffic and crosswinds and contributes positively to tow vehicle and trailer stability.

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